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"So You Want To Marry My Daughter" Title Art



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Choose a perk between $20 and $5,000 and let's make a great movie together!



Starring Robert Amaya "The Snake King"(Courageous, Mom's Night Out, Family Camp, An Unlikely Angel, Nothing is Impossible), Raphael Ruggero (Lifemark, Into the Spotlight, I Can) and introducing Christian Social Media Comedy Icon, 

Hailey Julia as the eldest daughter.


Wayne has not been looking forward to this weekend. His wife, mother-in-law, and four beautiful daughters are taking a spontaneous girls trip to Hawaii. Little do they know, it’s just a scheme to get them all out of the house, so Caleb can ask Wayne for his blessing to propose to his eldest daughter. But when another boy comes knocking, confessing his undying love for his second daughter, followed by the annoying neighbor boy interested in his youngest, Wayne’s perfect world of all girls is tipped upside down as he is forced into an all boy’s weekend! Zion has been isolating herself from her family, friends, and especially her dad, as she feels unworthy and unloved in this picture perfect family. However, she’s finally found the boy of her dreams on a dating app, Connection Infection. Osman has created the perfect profile, to lure innocent girls in, and steal all he can from them. When Zion gets grounded, and has to surrender her phone to her dad, losing connection with Osman, she decides she is through with her family for good. Meanwhile, as Wayne gets to know the three young suitors, and tries things he’s never been able to do with a house of girls, like nerf gun wars, bowling and some authentic conversation around a game of Texas Hold’em, he learns that maybe these boys are good enough for his daughters. However, in a slew of misunderstandings, after the girls sneak out and overhear a conversation between their parents, concluding their dad will never let them be with these young men, everyone walks out, and Wayne loses everything. Finally, when Wayne discovers the danger Zion is in from her online stalker, he must redeem his relationship with the three boys, and prove his love to his rebellious daughter, with more than words. As he prepares to confront Osman, the boys formulate an over the top display of home defense, Home Alone style! Pretending to be Zion on the app, they draw Osman in with the promise of some alone time, only to lead him through a fun house of traps called, “The Cold Shower”, “Dead Meat”, and the “Fire Breathing Dragon”! Wayne surprises the intruder, in his daughter’s bedroom and finally digs-down-deep and finds the courage to confront Osman when he discovers that he has stolen the diamond engagement ring. “This ring represents so much to my family: our legacy as multi-generational followers of Jesus, being champions of purity and the Biblical covenant of marriage, and seeking out our soul mate by demonstrating selfless love through acts of kindness and friendship first,” he says with a new fatherly authority. In conclusion, Osman now respects Mr. Wayne Fernandez and leaves Zion alone, and Caleb, Zach, and Jeb are given the fatherly blessing to pursue the hearts of his daughters in marriage, courtship, and friendship.

Poster of the main character eating a cinnamon role, with the title of the movie above him.


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