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Seth and April Himes

Seth and April smiling. Couple smiling.

Seth and April Himes create “Movies with Life” as Highwater Entertainment. Their award-winning film, The Deliverance Of Amy Stronghold, exclusively streamed on Pure Flix in May 2021. It has impacted audiences all over the world. Testimonies of lives changed flooded in, as well as salvations and healings taking place in the lives of our cast and crew, throughout production.


The Himes have been serving in the faith-based industry for 25 years on movies such as Like Dandelion Dust (by the producer of The Chosen), Sony’s To Save A Life, and The National Bible Bee Game Show (starring Kirk Cameron).


They are a united power couple for the Kingdom of God. Besides being an amazing wife and an extraordinary mother of four girls, April writes books, produces films, and changes the atmosphere when she enters the room. Seth is a film producer as well, writes

screenplays, and directs movies. He is also, “The Best Dad Ever,” according to his beautiful daughters. Seth and April can lead an experienced crew, or pick up the camera and do it themselves, indie style, whatever it takes!


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